Kafka comes to NYC

This section of sidewalk where Riverside Drive passes over 96th street, on the east side of the road is still icy and dangerous (especially for those who need to run to the bus).

Riverside drive and 96th street

For the second time this year, I called 311 to file a complaint to ask the city to clear the sidewalk. Instead I was treated to an excursus about how, since there is no private or commercial property around the sidewalk, the city is not sure which of it’s own department is responsible for snow and ice removal but they were starting an investigation to figure it out.

I explained that I don’t care which city department is responsible, as a tax paying citizen of NYC, I expect the city to work out its issues and shovel the sidewalk. I was told that though it is reasonable for me to have no vested interest in who does the job, the folks at 311 can’t enter it into the system until they can assign it to a department. Though I was assured that after my first complaint, they sent an officer to look at the sidewalk and he noted that there were no violations.

Thanks. I’m not trying to get someone a ticket, I’m trying to get the sidewalk shoveled! In the end, my complaint was put on a list of complaints that they were collecting as they look into the matter further. Not helpful.

Anyone have any practical or creative suggestions for getting the city to do its job?!

3 thoughts on “Kafka comes to NYC

  1. Jen says:

    What – they’ve seriously never ever had to deal with that question before?!

  2. Marc says:

    Tweet about it to Cory Booker (he’s been out to shovel Newark residents’ property during the recent storms). You could also try one of the local news complaint lines. This may not interest them given that there are still partial boroughs under snow, but it’s worth a shot.


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