Photo Outing in Battery Park

A friend of mine has a lovely custom to have a photo outing in memory of her grandfather. She invited me to join her, and here are the results:

Bee Pollinating a Flower

some flowers were still opening out

A birthday picnic. Believe it or not, this was after the picnic.

South Manhattan post Hurricane Sandy

Went to South Manhattan to check on my brother’s storage unit (on South Street). Everything was fine on his floor, though units on the first floor were less lucky. Here’s a few photos from around the area.

No access to interior

Along Fulton St.


Command Center

Along South St.
Note the condensation inside, this car got very wet. 

Autumn Photography Practice

Being that it was beautiful day for a walk and the instructor from the photography course I took last week said that it’s important to practice, I went out and took a few photos (and even got a few I’m happy with):

Sky over Riverside Dr.
Squirrel Snacking
Sneaky Buddhist Statue at 105th St.
I just learned from Google that it used to stand near
Hiroshima and survived the atomic bomb!
Yeshiva Ketana d’Manhattan

9-11 at the Firefighter’s Memorial

To mark the anniversary of 9-11 we decided to attend the memorial ceremony at the firefighter’s memorial at w100th st.
It was quite moving. There were firefighters in attendance from all over the world including: Los Angeles, Belgium, New South Wales, Los Vegas, Canada, even Mirimar, FL. They read the names of all 343 firefighters who died on 9/11/01 pausing for moments of silence to mark the collapse of each tower and the crash of flight 93. It was very nicely done.
Here were a few photos that I took:

Saluting during the national anthem

Following along as the list of 343 firefighters was read

Listening to Amazing Grace being sung…
Afterwards we went back to see the memorial:
Some people left notes or gifts
including a wreath from the London Fire Brigade

There were lots of flowers
(click to view bigger)
Others were coming too, to see what was left, to contemplate or to take pictures…

Red-Tailed Hawk

Was on my way out to meet a friend at 5pm when I spotted this:

This fellow was just across on the next building’s fire escape (around 96th near Riverside Dr.) He was eating something that used to have white feathers.

I had to run out, but Tim snapped the rest of these awesome photos.

Note the blood on its talons!

He posed for a portrait before flying off.
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Kafka comes to NYC Part II

Thanks to MyUpperWest for covering this story.
Here are a couple of pictures taken at 8:50 this morning at Riverside and 96th st.

don’t be deceived by the fact that you can see the sidewalk…. this hasn’t been cleared since last week’s ice storm, so the sidewalk is very slick.

Though the city can’t work out which agency is responsible for clearing the ice, I’m sure that there are many lawyers who would be happy to work out who is responsible if someone gets hurt.

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