9-11 at the Firefighter’s Memorial

To mark the anniversary of 9-11 we decided to attend the memorial ceremony at the firefighter’s memorial at w100th st.
It was quite moving. There were firefighters in attendance from all over the world including: Los Angeles, Belgium, New South Wales, Los Vegas, Canada, even Mirimar, FL. They read the names of all 343 firefighters who died on 9/11/01 pausing for moments of silence to mark the collapse of each tower and the crash of flight 93. It was very nicely done.
Here were a few photos that I took:

Saluting during the national anthem

Following along as the list of 343 firefighters was read

Listening to Amazing Grace being sung…
Afterwards we went back to see the memorial:
Some people left notes or gifts
including a wreath from the London Fire Brigade

There were lots of flowers
(click to view bigger)
Others were coming too, to see what was left, to contemplate or to take pictures…

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