Marrakech day 1.5

Saw more of the city, but most of it is moving so quickly (or so dark) that it’s hard to get sharp photographs. Here are a few highlights: Donkey and cart- these negotiate the alleyways along with mopeds and motorbikes and lots of people. Stork with the High Atlas mountains (we’re going there tomorrow) Stork on the walls of Palais El Badi- It was in use for less than 100 years! Now it’s a home for storks and pigeons.

Marrakech Day .5

We’re arrived safely, and all is (insha alla) well. Here are a few pics to prove it: Tim waiting for the train at Casablanca airport- enjoying the station’s free (!) internet Details at Medrassa Ben Youseff Chair at Medrassa Ben Youseff Tim at Medrassa ben Youseff Details at Medrassa Ben Youseff Tim’s parents are here too (admiring the details at Medrassa ben Youseff). We’re all having a good time