Red-Tailed Hawk

Was on my way out to meet a friend at 5pm when I spotted this:

This fellow was just across on the next building’s fire escape (around 96th near Riverside Dr.) He was eating something that used to have white feathers.

I had to run out, but Tim snapped the rest of these awesome photos.

Note the blood on its talons!

He posed for a portrait before flying off.
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Houston- Day 1

Downtown is not much of an attraction. We also saw Rice and the Rothko chapel – where these pictures are from.

Barnett Newman’s Broken Obelisk at Rothko Chapel
Ginger cat with Bluejay
(shortly after, the bluejay got loose and flew straight towards us. We thought it was dead and it really gave us a start. But we were glad that we didn’t get to watch it get eaten!)
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